EMV Certified + PCI Compliant

Point Of Sale for Infusionsoft®

compatible with Square® & Paypal HERE®

and also iZettle® & Payleven®

Automatic Inventory Sync with Infusionsoft

Billing Automation Enabled - works with campaigns and tags

For iPhone and iPad
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Easy, Fast, Secure, Reliable

Adding Point Of Sale feature to Infusionsoft

Secure Communication

Strict SSL verification for all Infusionsoft API communication, using trusted issuer's inbuilt Public key, making it impossible to intercept communication

Discounted Fees

Merchants offer reduced rates on swiped orders due to reduced fraud risk.

Unlimited Device License

Use as many devices you need, we don't charge per device.

EMV Fraud Protection

By using EMV swiper provided by your merchant, your purchases are secured under U.S. Fraud Liability law.

Quick Operations

No need to type address again for existing customers. For new customers, save time on repeating address fields like Country, State, etc.

Automatic Inventory Sync

Your Infusionsoft inventory is automatically synced with the app. All post purchase actions are triggered upon successful order.

Your Security Is Our Concern

All your request are sent straight to Infusionsoft server. No one can sniff your data.

Before sending any data, we double check server's identity with trusted public key store (inbuilt) provided by Infusionsoft, protecting you from any man-in-the-middle (MITM) HTTP sniffing attack.

Don't take our word, try it out.

Safe & Secure!

Easy Pricing, No Device Limits

Simplified Licensing


$39 /month

  • Unlimited Device License
  • No Long Term Commitment
  • One License per Infusionsoft Application
  • Works with iPhone & iPad


$399 /year

  • Unlimited Device License
  • Discounted Fees for Annual Billing
  • One License per Infusionsoft Application
  • Works with iPhone & iPad


from $899 /year

  • Unlimited Device License
  • Your Branding on App
  • Custom Development (optoinal)
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